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About Decro

(Decro Zhongxing Sci-Tech Park Aerial View)

  The workshop of Decro Zhongxing Sci-tech Park is different from the traditional layout of BOPP plant. It adopts the design of two production lines in one workshop and multi-layer composite three-dimensional structure, with which BOPP films can be produced on second floor and be slit on first floor. The design greatly improves the land utilization rate and production efficiency, and realizes the seamless connection of the whole process, including feeding, film making, slitting, storage and delivery, to maximize the logistics efficiency.

  Advanced BOPP lines and plastics recycling granulator are introduced in the park, which can help realizing intelligent manufacturing, reducing energy consumption and lessening environmental impact. The new generation of BOPP production line has the latest digital technology and integrated high accuracy sensor, to achieve automatic control of production process, rapid equipment fault diagnosis and repair, as well as reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency and product quality. The advanced plastic recycling granulator uses efficient melt filtration technology and twin-screw granulation technology to convert BOPP leftover materials into reclaimed materials with quality and performance similar to raw materials. The recycling of leftover materials can reduce the resources consumption and reduce the waste and environmental pollution.


Decro’s 3rd Production and R&D plant --Zhongxing Sci-tech Park

  Decro Zhongxing Sci-Tech Park, the 3rd production and R&D plant of Decro, is a high-standard, green and smart science and technology park. The 1st phase occupies over 67,000 ㎡ with 2 international advanced BOPP lines,relative supporting equipment and New workshop and New Materials Innovation Center of 12,300㎡ building area. The construction of Decro Zhongxing Sci-Tech Park has the advantages of efficient land utilization, fully automatic production system, low resources and energy consumption, complete smart equipment matching and fully connected digital system etc. 


  Decro Zhongxing Sci-Tech Park is designed and constructed after fully considering about the optimal utilization of energy and the harmonious co-existence of people and machine. The heating and cooling systems of the equipment, the power supplies and electrical cabinet are all kept at the shortest distance from the main equipment to reduce energy consumption. In the workshop, the heating and cooling systems of the equipment are physically separated, and the staff operation area is adopted with ventilation design, which can reduce energy consumption and provide a comfortable working environment.

  Besides, there are also cold accumulation system, heat recovery system, tail gas collection and recovery system and solar power system in the park, in order to further improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The cold accumulation system, designed and built based on BOPP production characteristics, can accumulate cold energy at night and release the energy during peak periods, so as to reducing energy consumption. The heat recovery system recycles the waste heat from the boiler to reduce energy waste. The tail gas collection and recovery system collects the gas during the production process and removes particulate matter and VOCs emissions through the process of filtration, adsorption and fully combustion. The solar power system with 2MW is used to provide clean energy to the equipment so as to reduce the carbon emissions as well. 


  The park is also equipped with automatic feeding system and intelligent packaging system. The automatic feeding system changes the way of traditional manual feeding and realizes automatic unpacking and feeding of raw materials under all-weather and precise control. The intelligent packaging system can meet the requirement of different sizes and packaging methods of the products, achieving the goals of intelligent and standardized operation for packaging, labeling and plate collection.

  Based on highly automatic and intelligent production equipment, Decro Zhongxing Sci-Tech Park can connect the whole process operation data of the production equipment to the customized industry-specific MES+ERP system through the data interface, which helps realizing the dynamic connection between production-manufacturing and commercial operating information so as to provide efficient decision support for management.

(New Materials Innovation Center Aerial View)

  The design and construction of Decro Zhongxing Sci-tech Park itself conforms to national goals of Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and practices the concept of circular development during the whole process which makes it be to an advanced green, smart science and technology park. Under the enterprise vision and mission “New Material Technologies Shape Quality Living”, Decro strives to combine scientific and technological innovation with the concept of sustainable development in order to make contributions to environmental protection and rational use of resources.