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Decro’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Adhering to the mission and vision that New Material Technologies Shape Quality Livings, DECRO integrates corporate social responsibility into its product and service offer, practicing a development model that social responsibility and business goals are combined and mutually promotive. 

1.For clients: Insist on Sci-tech innovation and provide quality products and services to clients.
DECRO keeps dedicated to the development and production of environmental friendly, functionalized and high-end products, positively responding to the social and industrial sustainable development requirement for energy saving, emission reduction and low carbon footprint. Decro’s patented product Co-Extruded Thermal Film helps eliminating harmful fumes from VOCs during paper-film laminating processing, while Decro’s BOPE film is an industrial pioneer product which can help achieving easy recycling and reusable requirement for flexible packaging.
Oriented by clients’ requirements, Decro focuses on its core technologies to innovate and integrate science into technology for high-end manufacturing, which leads clients to develop towards green and circular economy. Decro strives to create value for our clients and contributes for early realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality in our country.
2.For shareholders: Adhere to prudent management and provide reasonable return on investment for shareholders 
Decro has set up a modern corporate governance mechanism through the innovation and improvement of the management system. Decro set up a complete information disclosure system and strictly implement it to ensure that information disclosure is done truthfully, accurately, completely, promptly and fairly. Decro established an effective internal control mechanism to strictly regulate financial management and integrity procurement. Decro insists on stable and sustained profit distribution to guarantee its shareholders' rights and interests.
3.For employees: Insist on ability-oriented and provide a platform for employees to grow
“Ability-oriented” is one of Decro’s core cultural values. In recent years, Decro continues to improve its impeccable salary, training, promotion and welfare system with the concept of "striver-based", and help staff to grow together with the enterprise, which includes making full use of vocational training center in employers’ personalized improvement, building staff activity center and organizing open day for employee families, and setting up Care Funds to support those who have difficulties. Decro has always attached great importance to its employees’ development, establishing a "two-channel" (Profession or management) career development system to help each employee set a comprehensive development way according to their ability and willingness
4.For government and industry: Stick to integrity management and make contribution to the development of society and industry
Since its establishment, Decro keeps operating in good faith in accordance with the law to promote local social and economic development. It is an enterprise as Top Tax Pay Enterprise, Contract and Promise Keeping Unit and awarded as Diamond Client by banks. Decro implements strict credit management system. While controlling the risk of receivables, Decro also makes payment strictly to the contract, promoting a healthy business practice in the industry.
While facing COVID-19 epidemic, Decro, as the representative of the local industrial enterprises which firstly took measures for epidemic prevention and work resumption, takes active and effective measures to guarantee the rapid supply of packaging materials related to epidemic prevention products and people's livelihood products, making great contribution to the stability of local society and economy.
5.For business partners: Adhere to openness and cooperation and provide suggestions for collaborative innovation of industrial chain
As the Chairman Unit of 3rd board of directors of China Plastics Association BOPP Film Committee, Decro actively promotes the collaborative innovation of the industry chain and strives to share the experiences of technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation so as to promote the sustainable development of the industry in the direction of energy conservation, environmental protection and circular economy.
Decro is committed to building a benefit-sharing and co-development relationship between supply chain and industrial chain, promoting joint innovation and sharing reasonable profits with business partners. Decro actively establishes strategic cooperation with the industrial chain upstream and downstream, establishing several joint laboratories to accelerate the domestication of upstream functional raw materials. 
6.For community: Persist in public welfare and charity work and contribute to local education and pension undertakings
Decro attaches great importance to the development of public education, continuously supporting local governments in carrying out education that is satisfactory to the people and donating to local key schools and foundations to support the work of awarding students and teachers.
With the positive attitude in donating to elderly care charities, Decro also helps the elderly care charities to build more recreational and physical facilities to improve the local government's intelligent elderly care level. In addition, with its chairman’s social influence, Decro also tries to leverage social resources to help elderly care for high-quality development.