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Quality Control

Fully carry out the work of ISO quality management system.

1. Attestation, maintenance and upgrade of Quality Management System.
Our company started to carry out and passed the ISO2001:1994 attestation of Quality Assurance System/QAS, and in 2002, we changed the 2000 edition of the quality system, and realized another leap of the quality management. When set up the quality control system and in the meanwhile, we attach great importance to the effective implementation of relevant laws and regulations.  We have gradually passed the measurement system authentication and adopted the international standard accreditation, and have further improved the enterprise management level and product image, upgraded the value of DECRO film, so as to make it possible for us to carry out the effective marketing strategy  with the advanced level of "profession, excellence, unique and new".

2. To outspread the ISO work to supplier management.
We will improve the supplier evaluation to a planned and step-by-step second-party audit with emphasis. The important supplier of raw and auxiliary materials should participate in the second-part on-site quality audit held by the quality control, manufacturing and supply department, so as to put the Supply Chain Quality Management into the category of ISO.

3. We start our work according to the needs of users.
According to the request of "work of quality must center on the customer's consciousness" and "customer added value" of our company, we take the service quality as the core of quality management, and customer satisfaction as the fundamental tenet of all quality work.
First, we relocate the traditional "after-sales service" to "customer service", divide the past after-sales service into one-stop services of pre-sale, sale and after-sale.
Second, we make a standardized customer service system, carry out every service responsibility, so as to make every problem can be completely solved; To establish a standardized customer service files, so that there are original records for each customer service process, all historical material can be checked. By analyzing the typical cases, to improve the ability to analyze and solve problems of customer service personnel. We opened the customer service hotline, and specially deal with customer complaints, comments, suggestions and advices, so that we can give quick response to problems.

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