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Congratulations to Decro’s drafted two national standards now formally approved.

2016-1-8 23:23:35

The two national standards - GB / T 31726-2015 "Test Method for Anti-fogging Property of Plastic Film" and GB / T 31727-2015 "Test Method for Attrition Rate of Transparent Plastic Film" which Guangdong Decro participated as the drafting committee, now got the formal approval by the Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (refer to National Standards Bulletin 2015 No. 19).


“Third tier enterprises make products, second-rate companies build brands, first-class enterprises set standards.” This time, the approved two national standards which Guangdong Decro participated in the drafting, not only standardized and legislated the testing method for anti-fogging property of antifog film and testing method for attrition rate of transparent plastic film, but also increased the market competition threshold and enhanced the call of high film quality. It is more highlighted Guangdong Decro’s leading position in the plastic packaging film industry, in its efforts to "Become the Leader in New Technology Film".




Decro, Commmitted to quality.

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