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DECRO: Sinopec and Petro China Best Customer of 2015

2015-12-21 19:39:44

On November 26th and 27th, vice president Li Dean on behalf of Decro participated in the Southern China Petroleum Marketing Branch and Chinese Sinopec Chemical Company Southern China Branch 2016 Rubber and Plastic product Ordering Meeting, and made speech at the meeting. Decro promoted and deepened its cooperation with state-owned enterprises, based on mutual benefit and win-win spirit. In the meeting, Petro China and Sinopec Company praised Decro’s achievements in these years. Petro China announced Decro as the Best Customer of 2015, while Sinopec Southern China awarded Decro with an “AAA Customer Awards”.

In order to implement the product development strategy of "Production, Marketing, and Research ", improve innovation ability, strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation, Decro has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Petro China. Both companies have been working together on the development of L5D98D after more than one year of repeated testing and technical improvements.

In the next years, Decro will continue go hand in hand with Sinopec and Petro China, to create success!

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