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Conditions Which Must Be Met for Consideration As An Agent

2013-9-10 15:04:30

1. The applicant must have a registered business.
2. The applicant must have industry credibility and be free from any previous legal violations or irregularities.
3. The applicant must have a strong, well funded financial capacity.
4. The applicant must have a fixed business office and/or an appropriate warehouse facility. suitable for the storage of machinery, machinery spare parts and film,and can provide well-covered cargo delivery service within applied area, preferable if cable for machine maintenance service too..
5. The applicant must have an established network in the local industry.
6. The applicant must have rich sale and project management experience, capable for operation like exhibition, training, organize propaganda and various function for publication.
7. The applicant must supply sales personnel with expertise in regards to laminating techniques and customer service.
8. The applicant must supply technical personnel with expertise in regards to laminating machinery and laminating techniques. Technical personnel must be able to provide high quality after sales service including solving any problems associated with machinery malfunction and lamination quality.
9. The applicant must agree to have good communication with Decro and agree to its sales strategies and operations as stipulated by the company.
10. Applicant that qualified to supply laminator machine or service of machine reconstruction or/and design, or to channel such service to DECRO is preferable.

Application Procedure
1. The applicant must present an application letter providing:
i. Proof of Business Registration
ii. Market research questionnaire
iii. Agent qualification questionnaire
iv. Market proposal
2. There will be a trial period of between six and twelve months. The applicant will be required to:
i. Sign a sales contract and an agency authorisation agreement for the trial period.
ii.  Render a financial security of US $20,000. (Note: the security will be refunded if the agency is not authorised at the end of the trial period).
iii. Assign technical personnel to complete training supplied by Decro.
3. At the end of the trial period, the agent will be evaluated according to sales achievement and service quality.
4. If successful, the agency will be officially granted by Decro. At this point, the agent will be required to:
i. Render a financial security of US $10,000 for a Demonstration Base only.
ii. Render  financial security of US $30,000 for an Agency only.
iii. Render  financial security of US $80,000 for an Exclusive Agency.
Note: If granted, the security from the trial period (US $20,000) will be added to as part of security payment for the official authorisation. All security will be refunded when the agency authorisation is terminated.
If the applicant has finished its selling target, the render money will be totally or partially payed back to you. The money is for the guarantee money, to continue our business after our agreed period. What's more,
Decro Bopp's obligation
A. To maintain Gluless Lam. Films market order for particular demonstration place;
B. to provide necessary policy support for the particular demonstration place;
C. to provide selling and technology training service to Franchisee.
D. To help Franchisee design and make Glueless Lam. Films publicity materials;
E. In condition that the supply is plentiful, franchisor can supply franchisee Glueless Lam. Films required amount preferentially;
G. To Permit to offer Franchisee the rights to renew contract preferentially under the same condition.
Applicant's rights:
A. To process and use Glueless Lamination Film in its own enterprise unit, and to distribute; Glueless Lam. Films in the areas and customer groups assessed by franchisor;
B. To enjoy a reduced price in the time limit according to the sales contract;
C. To discipline the price by itself within Glueless Lam. Films terminal guiding prices disciplined by the franchisor;
D. To gain the technology and business training support from franchisor;
E. To enjoy renewing the contract preferentially under the same condition after deadline if there are some other agent applicant in you state.

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