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Haze meter Light Transmission & Haze GB/T 2410 Light transmission and haze measurement of transparent plastic film
Electronic sense thickness gauge Thickness GB/T 6672 Thickness measurement of Transparent plastic film or slice
Gloss meter Gloss GB/T 8807 Plastic gloss measurement
COF meter COF GB/T 10006 Plastic film and slice friction coefficient measurement
Electronic streching tensile meter Tensile Strength & Elongation GB/T 13022 Plastic film stretching performance measurement
Heat Seal Temperature Tester Heat sealing Strength ZB Y28 004 Plastic film pakcing bag heat sealing strenth measurement
Oven Thermal Shrinkage GB/T 10003 General BOPP film
Whiteness meter Whiteness GB/T 2913 Plastic film whiteness measurement
Constant temperature box Steam Penetration GB/T 1037 Plastic film and slice Water Vapour Permeability measuement


Electronic sense thickness gauge

Constant temperature box

Electronic stretching tensile meter

Melting index device

Constant temperature box

COF meter

Static testing machine

Whiteness meter

Haze meter

Analyzing balance


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