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Company Introduction:
Guangdong Decro Film New Materials Co., Ltd.
and its sub-company Guangdong Decro Package Films Co., Ltd., combine to provide 30 years of BOPP plastic film production, providing its customer the most advanced range of BOPP products in the WORLD today. DECRO currently operates 6 BRUCKNER / MITSUIBISHI / JSW BOPP production lines in its two manufacturing plants in Guangdong Province in Southern China, contributing an annual output in excess of 130,000 tons of BOPP films.

DECRO has a proven track record of innovation and product development in the manufacturing of BOPP film.
DECRO has established a vast array of packaging film product patents as a means of ensuring the innovation of these product technologies are developed and commercialized in a sustainable way for the flexible packaging industry.
DECRO innovative products enjoy strong market share growth across the global film product markets, especially in the area of new technology films such as:

BOPP Glueless Lamination Films
DECRO completed the development of this new film technology product in 2007 and proceeded to commercialize the product to the point where this film technology is proceeding to change the face of film lamination in the world today. This pioneering product development has provided the lamination industry answers for both energy saving, environment-protection, and lower production cost. This patented product received the "China Patent Award of Excellence" by Chinese SIPO and WIPO, and was nominated for "China Patent Golden Award" in 2010.

BOPP Wrap around Label Pearlised films with ultra high yields
DECRO Wrap around Label Pearlised Films dominate the Chinese market in wrap-around label soft drink bottle products with Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola being two major users

BOPP Holographic Base films in clear, metalised, pearlised and white grade
DECRO Holographic Base Film series enjoyed high market shares of laser anti-fake base film industry in China.

Other products like multifunctional films based on Heat sealable base Films such as Anti-fog, Anti-bacterial, Ultra High Clarity and High Gloss Films, Ultra Smooth Matt Film, Paper look & feel White and Pearlised Films are all high-ranked quality products, with their properties reaching international advanced level. 
DECRO New Technologies Film such as BOPE and Oxo-Biodegradable BOPP films lead the world in innovation in packaging products and present a complete range of new innovations in food packaging technologies and more recently in industrial packaging technologies.
DECRO has spent many years developing packaging technologies that will provides their customer with greener packaging options by providing new technologies products at very cost effective price and will continue to provide solutions to customer requested innovations.

1. Guangdong Top 100 Independent Innovation Enterprise
2. Guangdong Top 500 Modern Industry Enterprise
3. Strategic New Industry Top 100 Enterprises Project
4. Guangdong Renowned Product
5. Chinese Excellent Brand in Packaging Industry
6. China Patent Award of Excellence
7. Excellent Brand 2010 of China Packaging Industry
8. High & New-tech Enterprise Certificate

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